May 2002 (1 of 4)

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As it was Jim's birthday I guess we should start with him. Joint organiser of Entropy with Michael, Jim often finds himself turning up with very silly hair indeed! Here we find Jim DJing with the Happy Christmas Pervert (Jim is the one behind the decks).

As we're talking about DJ's we can't miss out our residents: Wendy and Michael. Michael proved a bit camera shy, but we got this corker of Wendy at the decks, again with the Happy Christmas Pervert.

Ruth has also become a regular DJ over the last few months, and she can be seen badly here playing with the decks (pervert again in evidence). Aren't smoke machines a pain? Luckily we have a much better picture of her in a little while.

Finally, we managed to grab a picture of Judd taking a well earned breather outside after another top set.

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