Entropy is currently based at the Green Park Tavern on the Lower bristol Road in Bath. We have run a number of nights at the GPT and have booked the first Saturday of the month for the rest of 2010. However, the management of the GPT has changed, we are confirmed for the first Saturdays of August and September and hope to confirm the rest of our 2010 dates as soon as possible.

How do I get to the Green Park Tavern?

There is on street parking near the pub, and Entropy will be held in the function room. For those driving, you can find a map of where the Green Park Tavern is here . For those coming by bus or train to Bath you can see the train station marked nearby on the map and the bus station is just along the road from there.

You can contact the Green Park Tavern at the following address:

The Green Park Tavern,
Lower Bristol Road,
Avon, BA2 9ES.

Didn't you used to be at the Windows Arts Centre?

Yes we did. The Windows Arts Centre, now Invention Arts, is a central location that caters for many people so why did we move?

After a full year of running Entropy we had to close in November '02 as we were losing too much money. Some of this was due to mistakes on my part, but most due to the cost of the venue and the number of people showing up. Although we had some great nights with nearly 100 people, we needed 80 or so each night to break even - an unsustainable number in a venue that didn't serve drinks after 11 o'clock and never managed to get us a late licence.

Didn't you run a night in the Crown Inn?

With changes to the licensing laws taking place on the 24th of November 2005, the license of the Porter Butt was extended to 1am each Friday and Saturday nights. Unfortunately a restriction was imposed against any amplified music after 11pm. Obviously this is no good for Entropy and so we moved to the Crown Inn for the last Entropy of 2005. We did plan on running a few more nights in the Crown Inn at the start of 2006 but decided to have a break and restart at the Porter Butt when they sorted out the licensing issues.

What happened to the Porter Butt?

Well, we were very happy at the Porter Butt but it seems the brewery that owned the pub wasn't, and closed it down in December 2009. We were there for nearly six years on and off and are very grateful to all the staff there, especially the landlord and landlady Andy and Helen.