Set Lists
Enjoy the last Entropy you went to? Wondering what the name of that track that got you bouncing around was? Never fear, below are links to the set lists for each night. Set lists are listed by band then track name.


July 3rd. Jim, Andy and Michael.
June 5th. Jim, Michael and Ian.


September 5th. Jim, Ant and Michael.
August 1st. Jim, Ian and Michael.
July 4th. Jim, Dav0 and Michael.
June 6th. Andy, Jim and Michael.


October 4th. Lee Chaos, DJ Gilly, Jim and Michael.
September 6th. Jim, Andy and Lucky 13.
August 2nd. Jim, Dav0 and Michael.
July 5th. Jim, Ruth and Michael.
June 7th. Jim, Dav0 and Ian.
May 3rd. Jim, Michael and Hamst0r.
April 5th. Jim, Andy and Roper.
March 1st. Beanz and Michael.
February 2nd. Jim, Michael and Lucky 13.


December 1st. Jim, Dav0 and Juamei.
November 3rd. Jim, Michael and Lucky 13.
October 6th. Lee Chaos, Nick, Michael and Jim.
September 1st. Jim, Michael and Mike.
August 4th. Dav0, Wendy and Jim.
July 7th. Jim, Dav0 and Michael.
June 2nd. Jim and Michael.
May 5th. Jim, Dav0 and Ruth.
April 6th. Michael, Lucky 13 and Jonny.
March 3rd. Jim, Dav0, and Michael.
February 3rd. Jim, Michael and Roper.


December 2nd. Jim, Ruth and Michael.
November 4th. Michael, Juamei and Jim.
October 7th. Jim, Michael and Ruth.
August 22nd. Jim, Michael and Juamei.
June 13th. Jim, Michael and Ruth.


December 3rd. Jim, Michael and Roper.
November 5th. Jim, Ruth and Michael.
October 1st. Nick, Gilly and Jim.
September 3rd. Michael, Ruth and Jim.
August 6th. Jim, Michael, and Lucky 13.
July 2nd. Michael, Jonny and Juamei.
June 4th. Jim, Wendy and Michael.
May 7th. Jim, Ruth and Lucky 13.
April 2nd. Jim, Michael and Jonny.
March 5th. Jim, Ruth and Roper.
February 5th. Kink, Michael and Martin


December 16th. Jim, Juamei and Ali*
November 20th. DJ Beanz, Michael and Juamei
October 16th. Lee Chaos, Jim and Michael
September 18th. Wendy, Jim and Michael
August 21st. Ruth, Jonny and Juamei
July 17th. Jim, Michael and Roper
June 19th. Jim, Ruth and Ian
May 15th. Jim, Michael and Jonny
April 17th. Michael, Ruth and Martin
March 20th. Jim, Ruth, Roper and Paul D.
February 21st. Michael, Ruth and Jonny.
January 10th. Ruth, Jim and Martin.


December 20th. Michael, Jim and Wendy.
November 22nd. Jim, Ruth and Wendy.
October 18th. Michael, Ruth and Martin.
September 13th. Michael, Wendy and Jim.
August 9th. Jim, Ruth and Wendy
July 12th. Ruth, Martin and Tony
June 14th. Jim, Michael, and Martin
May 24th. Michael, Wendy and Jim


November 16th. Wendy, Ruth, James, Nikki
October 19th. Jim, Lee Chaos, Ruth and Wendy.
September 14th. Michael, Wendy, Jim, Helen and Jo.
July 13th. Wendy, Michael, Ruth and Judd.
June 15th. Lee Chaos, Michael, Jim, Ruth and James.
May 18th. Wendy, Michael, Jim, Judd and Ruth.
April 20th. Wendy, Jim, Tony, Ruth and Michael.
March 16th. Wendy, Michael, Jim, Judd and Ruth.
February 23rd. Lee Chaos, Wendy, Michael, Martin.
January 26th. Wendy, Kink, Michael and Judd.


November 24th. Chris, Wendy, Simon, Michael
October 27th. Lee Chaos, Wendy, Kink and Michael.